Deformable mirror for microscopy & ophthalmology

High density

of actuators

Embedded electronics

for easy implementation

High dyamic range

linearity & stability


µDM is a single-piece designed electromagnetic deformable mirror, optimized for use in microscopy and ophthalmology.
Versatile, it can be implemented alone in an open-loop or along with a wavefront sensor (included in AOkit Bio) for closed-loop applications.

µDM will allow you to restore diffraction-limited PSF and to image deeper in your samples. In ophthalmology, it will enable you to explore retinal cells at high-resolution by correcting ocular aberrations.

Technology and features

Principle & implementaion

Several mounting options are available, including adaptors for the most common mechanical stages, to simplify integration of µDM into an optical setup.
Easy integration with electronics embedded in a single-piece design and connection via a USB3 cable
Advantages of µDM
Fast closed-loop convergence and accurate sensorless correction with perfect linearity and absence of hysteresis
Preserved photon budget with achromatic, highly reflective and continuous membrane
Long-term stability with temporal drift automatic compensation
Large dynamic range with 50% of actuators stroke still available while generating 40 microns PtV of focus
Fine timing control with trigger-in and trigger-out features
Correction up to 10th Zernike order thanks to optimized actuator layout
About the software
For easy and fast implementation, we recommend using WaveTune, program controls all the elements with a simple user interface
For implementation of aberration detection methods into home-built software, we also provide WaveKit Bio, the Software Development Kit (SDK)


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