MicAO, an adaptive optics module
for super resolution microscopy

Image of MicAO, adaptive optics module
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Increase resolution

by correcting aberrations

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Shape your PSF

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Image deeper

up to 50µm depth


MicAO Adaptive Optics (AO) device is the first AO add-on module dedicated to techniques such as PhotoActivation Localization Microscopy (PALM), Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) and Single Particle Tracking (SPT).

This module will enable you to get a better resolution in both 2D&3D for Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM).

Technology & features

How is it implemented ?


Added between the side port of your inverted frame microscope and the imaging camera


Functions as an image relay : allows you to add other modules (dual color view device, microscope port splitters…)


Compatible with 60x and 100x objective lenses

MicAO adaptive optics module inserted in inverted microscope side port

Advantages of MicAO


Restores Point Spread Function (PSF) symmetry


Doubles the number of detected photons


Improves near diffraction-limited resolution


Allows you to create a perfect PSF ecoding astigmatism or tetrapod to go 3D


Gives you a better 2D and 3D localization precision


Is compatible with long-term imaging

PSF before and after correction with MicAO

How does it work ?


Enables you to function in open-loop configuration


Helps you to apply 3N alogorithm to detect and correct aberrations, thanks to MicAO software


Allows you to control your mirror and shape your PSF



Example images of the diffraction-limited fluorescent bead at different ambient temperatures without stabilization module inside MicAO.
Combined two-color 3 dimensional PALM and dSTORM imaging of mEos2-Centrin1 (orange) and Alexa 647 labeled Cep164 (light blue). Vizualisation using VISP sofware (El Beheiry and Dahan, 2013). Courtesy of J. Sillibourne & I. Izeddin
Comparison of astigmatism induced by cylindrical lens (left) and deformable mirror (right). We can see increased localization number with the DM, a component of MicAO.

Webinars & videos

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