mu-Imagine at Focus On Microscopy 2023
published on 05.12.2023
In the beginning of April we participated at the 2023 edition of Focus On Microscopy. This conference always was and still is a great opportunity to discover latest developments in microscopy & its applications in fields such as biology, medicine, or material sciences. At the exhibitor’s area this year we showcased mu-DM, a new deformable mirror dedicated for microscopy and ophthalmology applications. We also presented a poster describing this product : Modulating phase for adaptive optics and PSF shaping in microscopy : state of the art, requirements & development of a new phase modulator tailored to microscopy needs. F. Harms¹, C. Veilly¹, A. Jasaitis¹, P. Treimany¹, X. Levecq¹ (¹Imagine Optic, Orsay)
We would like to thank our collaborators for their presentations during conference : – A closed-loop adaptive optics two-photon microscope more resilient to scattering for in-vivo neuroimaging. A. Guillaume-Manca¹²³, S. Imperato¹, M. Mercier¹³, R. Lobo¹, F. Harms⁴, L. Bourdieu², A. Fragola³ (¹LPEM, ESPCI, CNRS, Sorbonne Université; ²IBENS, Univ. PSL, INSERM, CNRS; ³ISMO, Université Paris Sud, CNRS; ⁴Imagine Optic, Orsay) – Adaptive Optics Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy for High Resolution In Vivo Imaging in Zebrafish. M. Mercier¹², S. Imperato¹, A. Hubert¹, A. Guillaume-Manca¹²³, C. Veilly³, F. Harms³, W. Supatto⁴, A. Fragola² (¹LPEM, ESPCI, CNRS, Sorbonne Université; ²ISMO, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay ; ³Imagine Optic, Orsay ; ⁴LOB Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau) – 3D time-lapse high-resolution imaging in acute brain slices with lattice light-sheet microscopy. A. Getz¹, M. Malivert¹², D. Choquet¹, M. Ducros¹ (¹Univ. Bordeaux, CNRS, INSERM, BIC; ²Imagine Optic, Orsay) We would also like to thank all our visitors for coming to our booth ! For those who missed the mu-DM demo, do not worry, we will organize a webinar soon. Until then, we will gladly answer all your questions or discuss about your microscopy project requiring adaptive optics or wavefront sensing via email. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.